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Bust yields hundreds of pot plants
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Two people have been arrested after more than 1,000 marijuana plants were found in a grow house and two additional buildings off King Bostick Road, according to The Newton County Sheriff's Office.

According to 1st Lt. Mark Mitchell, the grow house operation was moving marijuana with an estimated street value of $8 million per month.

Deputies reported today that the operation was discovered following a routine traffic stop early Sunday when about four pounds of marijuana was found in a car.

Authorities went to the grow house, where they reported they smelled the odor of marijuana. Deputies received a warrant to search the property and found marijuana plants throughout.

Two people have been arrested, but they are not believed to be the homeowners. Investigators are looking for others in connection with the operation.

The Newton County Sheriff's Office Crime Suppression Unit said that there were at least 1,100 plants on the property.

Authorities also found three transformers in nearby woods that were used for generating electricity for the lights in the buildings. Snapping Shoals EMC is now investigating whether or not they have had electricity stolen from them.

The marijuana plants were in all stages of development. Some plants had just begun to grow while other stood more than 5-feet-tall.

Deputies said that the plants were possibly being harvested around the clock. They speculated that the marijuana was being distributed but not sold, as it was still on the plant and not compressed and packaged for sale.

The marijuana will be disposed of by burning and burying it.