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Buy Local...Boss Brothers Country Store
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Boss Brothers Country Store
Address: 3084 Highway 78 East, Loganville
Phone: (770) 466-0570

Whether you're a life-long farmer, new to the country life and looking to start your own garden or chicken coop or simply a shopper looking for original clothes and accessories, Boss Brothers Country Store is the place for you.

Co-owner Susan Boss likes to say Boss Brothers caters to the ruralpolitan lifestyle, a mix between city and country life.

"People who want to move out and have a country lifestyle in their spare time and get back to the basics," Boss said. "We're all about having people start with animals if they want have to have backyard chickens, goats, horses. We're very animal based."

Boss Brothers is named after brothers Michael and Ken, the other two owners. Michael originally opened a feed, seed and fertilizer store in 1987, and when he was ready to expand his one-man operation, he called on his brother Ken and sister-in-law Susan to help him. Boss Brothers was formed in May of 2000, and the controlled chaos began.

Susan said Boss Brothers is a true variety store and its interesting mixture of items, from feed to purses to jams and jellies, puts the store in a state of controlled chaos.

"We invite you to come and peruse the store. We try to carry different stuff you just don't find anywhere. We have things like old-fashioned Octagon soap (made from lye), Watkins flavorings, which used to be sold door to door, and just all sort of different products," Susan said.

Susan said about half of the store is devoted to animals, feed, fencing, pet food and pet supplies, and half of the store is devoted to humans, clothing, accessories, plants and other gifts. The store's new slogan is a perfect fit: "Two legs or four, we're your store."
But Boss Brother isn't just a store, it's also an information center. Susan said customer service is incredibly important and employees make sure customers have fun and get the information they need. Boss Brothers holds several informational events every year on topics like how to start your garden, raise chickens or attract deer to your property.

"We don't just sell you the products and say go and figure it out for yourself," Susan said. "We're here as backup information and a support group to help people learn."

This Saturday Boss Brother is having a "game day" for deer hunters, to educate them about which deer-attracting plants grow best in Georgia.

Customers are also able to adopt kittens any day, which have been spayed, neutered and given all of their shots. And on Sept. 25, the store is having its semi-annual "Pet A Palooza," a rabies and pet fair, where people will be able to adopt cats and dogs of all ages and learn about the best way to care for their pets.