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Social Circles 5k produces like no other
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On Saturday, the Social Circle American Legion Women’s Auxiliary (Unit 332) hosted its first ever 5K run/walk event, and the outcome of the series of events could only be thought of as unpredictable.

The event began with a one-mile fun run with only two competitors. However, it just so happened that those two competitors were mother and daughter Regina Locklin and Retreca Dudley.

After a little more than 13 minutes of running a mile, Regina edged out her daughter Retreca by a hair to win the first ever Unit 332 fun run.

“It’s bittersweet because I came in first place, but I beat my daughter, so it’s good and bad,” Locklin said.
After a few minutes of waiting, over 60 competitors were ready to hear that horn so they could complete the task they had come to do and that was to compete in and complete the 5K challenge.

It took only 23 minutes to determine a winner of the 5K challenge, and it was probably one of the most unexpected challengers competing. Nine-year-old Jackson Krueger successfully crossed the finish line before any of his fellow competitors.

Jackson said it felt “great” to be the first winner of the 5K run and his father Justin said it didn’t surprise him at all that his son was able to come in first place.

“He runs three times a day so he was definitely prepared to run this race,” Justin said.
After the race concluded there was a short ceremony held for all of the competitors and there were small rewards given out to all of the first, second and third place winners from every age group.