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Social Circle Middle School hosting basketball program for fourth, fifth graders
SCHS basketball

As the Social Circle Middle School basketball team gears up for summer workouts, the program is pushing for elementary school kids to come out, too.

Though the school does not have an official team for fourth and fifth grade girls, the Social Circle is planning on starting a program for those players to get practice time.

The program was announced by the girls middle school coach, Chad McGuire, who recently took over the position.

According to Social Circle Middle School athletic director, Chris Davis, there is still a possibility that a team can be formed.

“He [McGuire] is wanting to do workouts for fourth and fifth graders at our Social Circle Schools,” Davis said. “He is trying to get them to come to workouts. If we find that there are other places that have fourth and fifth grade teams, then it will be a booster team that plays at Social Circle, but it won’t be a Social Circle team.”

The inclusion of fourth and fifth graders is to garner interest in the middle school program as they begin to ramp up team activities, according to Davis.

Similar to the Redskins’ high school teams, the middle school programs participate in offseason activities.

“We have our normal sixth through eighth program, where middle school kids can play,” Davis said. “They do summer workouts like many of our middle school teams do.”

By the end of the workouts, Davis and the rest of the program hope to get kids involved in the Social Circle basketball programs at an early age with the addition of the fourth and fifth graders..

“We want our kids at Social Circle who are interested in being part of the basketball program to come to the middle school workouts,” Davis said. “And hey, if we drum up enough interest, we can find some other places and people you can play with.”

If you are interested in the program, contact coach McGuire at