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Huge 3rd inning lifts Newton to victory
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Newton High School’s Lady Rams thrived and won after a strong scoring burst in the third inning to take the win from the Lakeside Lady Vikings. The Newton Lady Rams won 10-2 by mercy rule.

The Lady Vikings were held to zero points throughout the top of the first inning, before the Lady Rams got their first turn at bat. The Lady Rams were the first and only team to score in the first inning to start the game, before receiving three outs from the Lakeside defense.

It’s the top of the second and the Lakeside Lady Vikings are at bat. Newton has assigned sophomore pitcher Britney Ellis to the top of the mound, who lead the way for the Rams’ sharp defense. Sophomore Tessa Whitaker was struck out. She was followed by junior Sarah Parker who took first after her hit to deep center field. Then Kelly Roberts steeped up to bat. Roberts hit a fly ball that was caught, Sarah Parker was immediately tagged out at second, effectively ending the top of the second inning.

Pitcher Megan Lowry stood on the pitcher’s mound poised and ready to lead the Lakeside defense. The Lady Vikings were quick to tag out Ashton McKinnon and Brittney Ellis’ substitution, Erianna Card. Megan Lowry then proceeded to strike Newton’s Tatyeina Wimby, ending the second inning. The score has not changed with Newton leading by one and the Lakeside Vikings scoreless.

Emily Chebib walks to first after too many throws outside the strike zone. Sarah Garner and Carmen Foster would follow by being caught out and tagged out. Emily Chebib was then tagged out at second. Ending the second inning.

Bottom of the third inning, Newton steps to bat. Ciara Bryan walks to first before stealing second after running home on a deep center field hit by Markayla Price. Price would follow suit by stealing second and running home. Katy Ammons was caught out by the Lakeside defense off a high fly ball. Newton leads Lakeside 4 -0.

After Ashley Weesner walks to first before she steals second and third. Madison Kinnard was tagged out at second. Ashton McKinnon’s hit to second base was dropped allowing her to take first. Sapphire Ortega hit a shot to deep left field with the bases loaded.

After a hit center, the Newton Lady Rams are provided with two runs home. Ciara Bryan steps to bat with second and third base full. Another deep hit center allows Sapphire Ortega to run home. Markayla Price then hit another ball deep center that scored three runs. After that outburst of scoring, the Lady Vikings finally get the third strike to end the third inning.

In the top of the fourth inning, Tessa Whitaker and Sarah Parker put the Lady Vikings on the board with two runs, before the ending of the inning. The score was set with Newton up 10-2. Through the bottom of the fourth, Newton was scoreless due to Lakesides impeccable defense.

The top of the fifth inning was finished with three great back to back catches by the Newton, effectively ending the game by mercy rule.

“Definetily the defense,” Ashley Coles, Newton softball head coach, said referring to the high point of the game, “and just coming together as one whole unit.”