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Chick-fil-a Covington Player of the week: Diondre Glover Jr.
Diondre Glover

COVINGTON, Ga. - The Newton Rams broke the tie on senior wide receiver Diondre Glover Jr.'s third touchdown of the night, and that score ultimately gave the Rams the win over the Rockdale County Bulldogs.

Diondre Glover Jr. locks down the final Chick-fil-a player of the week honor of the season after his amazing three-touchdown performance in the Rams regular season finale. Photo by Michael Pope.

The Rams came out of halftime locked up at 14 points with the Bulldogs in a crucial region match. Glover caught his third touchdown pass to put the Rams up by 7, and that would be enough to bring his team a victory. 

A three-touchdown performance from a wide receiver is extremely rare, but even more impressive was Glover's ability to break plays open in the few chances he had. 

Glover finished his night with just five catches while totaling up 149 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Glover's touchdown catches came on two 54-yard touchdown catches and one 10-yard catch that capped off his night. 

The final shows how pivotal each score was for Glover's team and how each of his plays were of the utmost importance. This type of performance could not have come at a better time as the Rams' next game would be in the state playoffs.

Head coach Camiel Grant Jr. was happy with Glover explosive performance and knows that his teammates are just as delighted for Glover to receive this honor. 

"I think this motivates the rest of the team, and they love D.J., so to see him have success makes the other guys excited," said Grant. 

Rams offensive coordinator Zach Underwood could not be happier for Glover's big night against the Bulldogs and complimented him for always playing the game the right way, and that opened up the chance for him to have this remarkable showing. 

"I think it was huge because it goes back to what we have been preaching all year because somebody is bound to blow up for you," Underwood said. "If you wait and do your job, block on the perimeter, do things the right way, run the correct routes, understand your assignments, then I think it's bound to happen for you. A lot of that comes down to a great athlete like him. I think offensively, we trust him to make plays like we trust all those guys, but it helps when you have a guy like him."

Glover truly is a guy that can have an impact on both sides of the ball, and Rams defensive coordinator Spencer Fortson credited Glover's outstanding offensive play to leading him to make great plays on defense as well. 

Grant closed things out by complimenting Glover and the impact that he not only had in this game but the lasting impact that he will have for not only this season but in the future for guys that are on the team now.

"He's done a tremendous job. He's a very unselfish receiver that blocks on the perimeter. He is one of the guys that is always out there congratulating other guys on the offense when they are on offense when they are having success," Grant said.

"Him having a game like that is important because it validates what we have been preaching to  them all season that you never know when your opportunity is going to be, but if you do things the right way, then good things will happen for you."

Glover has been on the cusp of earning Player of the Week in the past, and this performance was not only the best this week but one of the best in the county this year. 

Glover said he is ready for the Rams opening-round playoff game against Mill Creek and seems to be locked in for that match. If he matches his regular-season finale performance, the Rams could find themselves easily trotting into the second round of the state playoffs.