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Brandon Simmons honored to lead Newton boys tennis as a freshman
NHS Tennis
Brandon Simmons earned his role as tennis captain as a freshman for the Rams squad (pictured above). He looks forward to growing as a player over the next three years, too. - photo by Special Photo

COVINGTON, Ga. — Most tennis captains in the Newton County area are seniors. But that’s not the case for the Newton boys tennis team. 

Brandon Simmons earned his role as captain in his first year with the team as a freshman. 

Filling the role as captain is something Simmons takes seriously. 

“Being a captain as a freshman automatically makes me feel that extra responsibility in my role,” Simmons said. “Starting with being influential to my teammates as well as ensuring that I motivate them at every practice and at every match. I strive to make sure that everybody is in a good space, physically and mentally, so that the team can develop as a whole.”  

Though Simmons recognizes the extra weight on his shoulders, he was certain that “100% enjoys being a captain.” 

Simmons has been swinging a tennis racket since he was 7 years old. He grew up watching family members play, which initially piqued his interest. 

From there, his passion for the sport took off. 

“It instantly became my favorite sport,” Simmons said. “Then, I watched the professionals on television, learned the techniques and skills needed to win. I was hooked.”  

After becoming familiar with the sport, an aspect of tennis stood out to Simmons as the special part. 

“The adrenaline rush that tennis brings is my favorite part,” Simmons said. “I enjoy anticipating my opponent’s next move while I am strategizing how to set them up to win my point.” 

Not only does Simmons believe he’s grown as a player during his inaugural season with the Rams, but his fellow teammates have as well. 

With that, Simmons believes the future is bright for the boys tennis program. 

“The Newton tennis team has proven themselves to be warriors,” Simmons said. “We have improved since day one of practice and I feel that from here the team can only grow. I know my team has the determination to strive when we work hard and set our mind to it.” 

Away from the tennis courts, Simmons is an active member of Newton High’s Sound Factory Marching Band, Beta Club, Academic Team and Latin Club. 

But being involved in other extra curricular activities doesn’t take away from Simmons’ desire to improve upon his individual game. 

That is why, for the next few years as a Ram, Simmons is determined to keep working at his craft. 

“I am constantly researching new techniques and finding time to be on the courts,” Simmons said. “Tennis is not only my hobby, but it is my love and I want to learn as much as possible so that I can be better tomorrow.”