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Our Thoughts: Election Time
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Just as sure as you see the  local pear and cherry trees blossoming and know spring is here, when you start seeing elected state officials who have been scarce in Rockdale the rest of their term suddenly showing up at your club or church or event with big smiles and their hand out, you know its election time.

Unfortunately Rockdale County is cut up into so many pieces, it’s hard to even know who your elected official is.

Every one of them, with the exception of one, lives outside Rockdale-Conyers and spends little or no time in our community. But for sure all of them will be here asking for your vote with the assurances that your concerns are their concerns.

We might suggest this year before you vote that you examine each candidate and pick someone who is involved in our community or who has a business in our community. Only then are you going to have a representative in state politics that is accessible and going to represent your needs.

Over the next couple of weeks The News will present information on each candidate. Please read to see if they truly have our community on their main agenda of concern.

The News is partnering with the Rockdale Newton League of Women Voters to present a local candidates’ forum Thursday, April 3, 6:30 p.m., at 903 Main Street.

This forum will be streamed live on

This year you owe it to yourself and to our community to vote for someone who truly cares about Rockdale County and will work to see that we are fairly represented.