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More accusations between Mays, Pearson
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Police were called and more accusations were made in interactions between Charles K. Mays, Sr. and Freya Pearson, the woman alleging Mays owes backpay for work she did for the Probate Court, where Mays is an elected judge.

Pearson had been living with the Mays family at their rented McCalla Street home when she filed for a warrant for Mays felony theft of services regarding approximately $20,000 of backpay she alleges is due for work on setting up a mental health or veteran's accountability court - a program that Mays had reportedly been informed could not be set up in Probate Court.

The Mays family initially had sought to evict Pearson with a disposessory filed in Magistrate Court, but later requested to dismiss the dispossessory at the last minute before it was to be heard in Magistrate Court Nov. 5.

A dispute reportedly arose around the end of January about Pearson's belongings in the home. Pearson called Conyers police to the home on Feb. 4 around 6 p.m. She told police she had been illegally evicted and a court injunction against this was to be served by the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office the next day. She reportedly asked the officer to stand by while she served the papers to Mays.

According to the police report, Mays, his son Charles K. Mays Jr., and his nephew Jordan Mays came out of the home. Pearson reportedly attempted to hand Mays, Sr. the paper. "He would not accept the paper so she threw it in his direction and it appeared to hit him on the right shoulder," wrote the observing officer. Pearson reportedly went back to her vehicle.

The officer was called out to the McCalla Street home again around 7:30 p.m. for a reported assault. Mays. Sr. reported that "Pearson struck him on the shoulder when she threw the paper at him and it was starting to hurt." The officer responded that they had seen the interaction and did not see Pearson make physical contact with Mays, Sr. The officer took witness statements from Mays, Sr., Mays, Jr., and Jordan Mays.

For the police report, Pearson reportedly did not provide a current address. "She advised Mays would get a copy of the report and come after her. She became very upset, advising that she was interested to see how this turned out because (CPD) would not help her but (CPD) would help him," wrote the reporting officer.

The warrant hearing is reportedly awaiting scheduling by DeKalb County courts, since Rockale circuit judges have recused themselves from hearing the case.

Pearson also faces separate federal court actions in Kansas City, Missouri where she was recently indicted by a federal grand jury for nine counts, including wire fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and false witness. The charges are related to Pearson allegedly stealing more than $400,000 from a Missouri lotto winner.