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'Moorish-American' sentenced to 6 years
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A man who identified himself as a "Moorish-American" and denied the existence of the county, courts and sheriff’s office that charged him with traffic violations was sentenced to 6 years, to serve one, by Judge David Irwin in a jury trial in Rockdale County Superior Court.

Hubert Edmond Wilson, 50, of Decatur was arrested in April last year and charged with driving with a suspended license felony, no seat belt and obstruction of a law enforcement officer misdemeanors.

Wilson, who also identified himself as Ezekiel Dumazi Bak Ali, filed multiple documents and affidavits claiming more than $57,000 compensation from District Attorney Richard Read, Judge David Irwin, the judge who sentenced him, the deputy that arrested him, Rockdale County, Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, and the state of Georgia. He also claimed tax fraud if the courts did not file IRS forms on his bonds.

Wilson also filed documents proclaiming that he was a Moorish-American, "a Noble of the Al Moroccan Empire (North America)… a Descendant of the Ancient Moabites," and that he had a right to travel on public highways but that detentions, arrest, tickets and citations issued for traveling without a driver’s license violated his "Substantive Rights."

During the jury trial, Wilson represented himself. Opening arguments, witness testimony, and closing arguments took one hour, and the jury deliberated for five hours before returning verdict of guilty on all three counts. The jury reportedly agreed on two counts within the first 10 minutes but was hung on the remaining count until around 4:45 p.m.

Wilson has been in and out of Rockdale County jail for the past five years on various traffic offenses and parole violations, according to the RCSO jail website.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, the Moorish American movement is a variation of the Sovereign Citizen movement where followers do not recognize governments and law enforcement agencies and claim that laws do not apply to them.