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Lakeview Estates residents to learn if water service will halt
Hearing in case between county and provider on April 13, 1:30 p.m.
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Residents in the Lakeview Estates community will continue to get water from the county, at least for now. County officials decided to wait until after a hearing between Rockdale Water Resource (RWR) and PoyntSource Solutions, Inc. on Monday, April 13 to make a decision on whether or not to continue to provide supplemental water service to the community.

"We want to wait and see what the judge says," said Holly Lafontaine, county spokesperson. "The chairman and the water director will have a discussion after we get a decision by judge."

Lakeview's 3,000 plus residents are caught in the middle of a legal battle between PoyntSource Solutions and the county. PoyntSource Solutions, Inc. is an RWR customer and purchases water from RWR to supplement its private water supply system that serves the Lakeview Estates community. According to county officials, PoyntSource owes the county $51,692 in past due water bills.

Last month, the county notified residents it would shut off service to the community on April 9 if the bill was not paid by the close of business on April 8. However, due to the hearing being rescheduled, officials have decided to wait to take action on interrupting water service to PoyntSource Solutions, Inc. until after the hearing on Monday.

Also last month, county officials held a meeting with residents to address their concerns about the disconnection. The county maintained it does business with PoyntSource, not with the community, and the decision to shut off the water is a direct result of the company refusal to pay the outstanding bills.

"The reason that we went out there was a courtesy to the residents because it is the large community and our decision with PoyntSource Solutions is going to affect them," said Lafontaine. "But if a resident has a grievance, it will be between them and PoyntSource."

If RWR disconnects the service, the community's water supply will be affected, but will not be eliminated.

"Lakeview does have some wells on the property. We just augment that supply. Hopefully the wells can sustain them," LaFontaine said.

The hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. in Rockdale Superior Court Judge Irwin's office.