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Dear Editor: The Battle for the Elections Board is a continuing political quagmire with a long history.
Overriding the many twisted facts reported, Garvin is more on target, Witt is center target, Nesbitt is in a hole for and as a sacrificial lamb, Oden sits in a similar position, Meyer represents a need of a recertification or termination - had he looked like Nesbitt he would have been high of the political feeding chain and crucified. The declaration surfaced again and used by Van Ness that states "demographic as the reason" clearly refers to those who constitute the missing in action, (completely qualified voters of Rockdale County and the city of Conyers) as being the essence of the ever increasing problems facing Rockdale County and the city of Conyers must be the obvious void left by those who ignore their civic responsibilities. Unfortunately, this cadre of individuals includes elected and appointed officials. Unfortunately the word "demographics" is being used a code word for "race and racism." A clear, dependable, timely and accessible information resource can be the goose that provides irrefutable eggs of info to any and all citizens residing in the city of Conyers and Rockdale County (CH23).

A Legislative Representative elected by voters of Rockdale County would be invaluable to voters with an inquisitive and independent mind - "people don't care about political back-and-forth or partisan ideology. They want their government to do right by its citizens."
What say you, Informed Voter With an Independent Mind?
A clear, dependable, timely and accessible information resource to any citizen residing in the City of Conyers and Rockdale County.

Over and above the varying declarations, citizen voters with inquiring minds may conclude that clear and timely access to CH23 will likely confirm the following:
The Elections Board Battle is just the tip of the iceberg and many of the ongoing "fires" created to attempt covering that yes, Jim Crow is alive, not well, but struggling for recovery, thanks to many who are the targets, waiting for the "by and by" as does Jenkins.
Unfortunately this can not be separated from the ongoing concerns of the "Home Owners Association" that concludes that the conclusion of the colliding energies prompted by activities of the BOC, RCPS, RCHCA and Rockdale County Government, the Election Board will not mesh in the current lifetime of existing Voters with an Independent and Inquisitive Mind.

One thing for sure, the financial resources of every citizen will be strained to the max - advertent or inadvertent compliment of our trusted elected officials. Note the newly installed Emergency Alert resource, birthed with a Federal Grant (tax dollars) County Budget funds, that now requires monthly payments from households that select to use the needed resource.

Lewis Belcher
Rockdale County