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MotS: If you had the funds SPLOST has, how would you spend them to improve Newton County?

With the SPLOST vote being held on March 7 The Covington News is offering a preview on where

some of you think that funding to go. 

Sue Ann Williamson:  “Roads.  Fix the potholes.”

Nina Doty: “I would put sidewalks in town.  Down Conyers Street and down Crestview, because it’s heavily traveled by walkers and runners and it’s definitely needed.”  Doty is concerned not only with the congestion that is involved in these areas, but with safety. 

Frances Bailey: “Library and trails.” 

Ralph Frost: “First thing Newton County needs is, or what I see they need more than anything else, is to get into the lower income housing areas and clean them up.”

Lisa Jackson: “Trails and a dog park.” 

Anthony Mask:  “First, I think I’d do a little bit to help the parking on the square since my wife owns a business there.  Then I’d do a little work on the roads and the bridges.”

Ann Reed:  “The growth of the county has not matched the road upkeep and the infrastructure upkeep and I think that’s what I would spend it on.”

For more details on how to vote, see our SPLOST coverage on page 3A.