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Last week it was reported that a 12-year-old girl was accidentally killed walking along busy Ga. Highway 81 at an early morning time when it was nearly pitch black.

We don't know as of yet why this young child was out at that time of the morning walking beside such a busy highway by herself.

We do know that her death is a tragedy. A special light, a light that could very well have been one that may have helped changed the world for the positive, was snuffed out. Our hearts break and we are positive that our readers feel the same for her family and for the person who accidentally took her life. We hope that this can serve as a lesson and that during the school season we allow ourselves a little more time, drive a little slower and be on the lookout constantly for children , adults and even animals who may dart out from dark surroundings.

A life can never be replaced, but smart and defensive driving can be learned.