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Woman tries to steal beer, gets ticket
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Officers from the Covington Police Department were dispatched Wednesday around 12:30 p.m. when an alleged shoplifting was reported at the Covington area Kroger.

When officers spoke to the complainant and loss prevention officer, Renee Gilbert said that she had observed customer Angeline Johnson conceal a six pack of Icehouse beer in her purse. Gilbert reportedly told the officers that Johnson had passed all points of purchase and exited the store. After Johnson exited the store, Gilbert apprehended the suspect and Johnson returned to the store without argument.

Gilbert then allegedly recovered the beer from Johnson’s purse. The value of the stolen merchandise was $5.23. 
Johnson was released and given a ticket due to her 9-year-old grandson, who has no other relatives in the area. Johnson was not accompanied by her grandson when she allegedly shoplifted the beer. 

Drunk man charged with trespass   

Covington Police Officers were called to Rainbow House on Wednesday evening when staff member Quintaurus Heard stated an intoxicated man would not leave the property.

When officers spoke with Heard, he reportedly said he had asked Randy Nelson Hogan to leave due to Hogan allegedly consuming an alcoholic beverage. Heard said he asked Hogan to leave three times and Hogan would not comply.

Heard reported that Hogan’s breath smelled strongly of an alcoholic beverage, had red bloodshot eyes and was unsteady when he walked. Heard also said he contacted the executive director of Rainbow House and she allegedly advised Heard to call the police and charge him with trespassing.

Officers placed Hogan under arrest, and transported to the Newton County Law Enforcement Center and charged with criminal trespass.

Woman suspects who is harassing her

Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Department responded to a property damage call Sunday night at Trelawney Place.

The complainant Peggy Dunn, reportedly stated that the suspect came to her residence and allegedly began banging on her garage door. Dunn stated that she went to check her garage door for damage and she discovered it would not close properly. Dunn said she never saw the suspect but she assumes the suspect is upset with her. Dunn allegedly said that the suspect was disgruntled because the suspect thinks Dunn is dating her husband, Jerome Woods.

Dunn reported that she allegedly had also received several harassing phone calls from the suspect.
Dunn received a case number and was advised of the warrant process.