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Thieves smash window, steal purse and go on Saturday shopping spree

COVINGTON, Ga. – Investigators with the Covington Police Department are looking for whoever smashed a woman’s car window, made off with her purse and went on a Saturday shopping spree.

According to the CPD incident report, the woman told police she arrived at the YMCA on Newton Drive at around 11:10 a.m. Jan. 19, parked her car and went inside. She reportedly left her purse on the front passenger seat covered by a jacket.

When she came out approximately one hour later, she found her passenger side window smashed and her purse stolen. According to the report, the purse was described as a dark tan satchel type bag. It contained a pair of $500 prescription eyeglasses and the victim’s wallet with her driver’s license and various bank cards.

While with the police, the woman received notification about fraudulent activity on her cards at the Kroger store in Newton Plaza on Highway 278, Hibbett Sports in the same shopping center and at the Ross store around the corner on Elm Street.

Surveillance video from Kroger at 11:52 a.m. reportedly showed two females with dark hair – one described as a slender and white wearing a pink pullover and dark pants and the other as heavyset and light-skinned wearing a black jump suit with the word “PINK” on the shirt scanning and checking out with $1,029.74 worth of groceries using one of the stolen cards.

Video from Hibbett Sports reportedly showed the same two females enter that store at approximately 12:19 p.m. with a third female wearing a black hoodie with the word “PUMA” in large white letters

The trio reportedly walked around the store before placing $637.69 worth of merchandise on the register counter at 12:30 p.m. when the woman in the “PUMA” hoodie used a card to pay for it..

Authorities are also investigating if more people were involved in the crime. According to the report, three males entered Hibbett before the three female suspects and “approached several clothing racks, cycling through each before settling at the rear left corner of the store where they appeared to try on shoes.”

One of the males was reportedly seen on video using his phone while the females were checking out and one of the females was seen checking her phone. According to the report, the merchandise at the register “appeared to be male clothing and much larger than any of the female suspects.”