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Suspicous activities found at Tire Depot
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Officers were called to Tire Depot Tuesday morning after an employee came into work and found what he thought was a homemade explosive device.

When officers arrived, they found a plastic drink bottle half-filled with gasoline and a sock in the neck of it, with a half-smoked cigarette set inside a book of matches.

However, around 2 a.m. Wednesday, officers responded to a burglary alarm at Tire Depot. When they arrived, they found a broken window facing West Street. Although no one was found around or inside the business, officers did find a partially burnt rag inside, and there was a strong smell of gasoline coming from the area of the shattered window, according to reports.

According to reports, it did not appear that anyone had actually entered the store, but the gate next to the window had damage and appeared to have been knocked open. A camera that may have caught the damage had been deliberately turned away from the area. Officers were able to locate a jacket in the woods just behind the store and are in the process of getting video from a local gas station where the fuel used in the bottles may have been purchased.