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Newton native to run for Athens mayor
Newton High School graduate Richie Knight aims to become mayor of Athens
Richie Knight
Richie Knight

ATHENS, Ga. - Richie Knight, son of Richard and Maria Knight, native of Oxford, has announced his intention to seek the office of Mayor of the city of Athens.

The election is to be held May 22. Knight is a product of the Newton County public school system and often speaks of his hometown upbringing on the campaign trail.

“I am deeply thankful for the values of hard work, dedication, and service to others that my parents and the people of Newton County instilled in me. I will never forget those lessons and will always keep my hometown close to my heart,” Knight said.

“It was there I gained a love of community. In fifth grade, I became a member of Georgia 4-H. Little did I know that this local organization would not only shape my character but would ultimately bring me to the city I now call home, where I started my business, and the city
I am now running to serve – Athens.”

Richie’s campaign is one based around his life as an entrepreneur, as he started a successful marketing firm in downtown Athens that has assisted numerous clients across the nation. He looks to use that experience to bring jobs his community, promote a business-friendly environment, and bridge the gap between employers and citizens looking for work.

For more information on Knight and his campaign to “Move Athens Forward,” visit