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Megachurch pastor seeks donations for pricey private jet
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ATLANTA (AP) — The ministry of a prominent megachurch pastor and evangelist is seeking donations to buy a luxury jet valued at more than $65 million.

The website of Creflo Dollar Ministries asks people to "sow your love gift of any amount" to help the ministry buy a Gulfstream G650. Spokesman Juda Engelmayer says the ministry's current plane was built in 1984 and is no longer safe for travel.

Gulfstream's website lists an asking price of $67,950,000 for a G650 with a flight record of 1,616 hours and 625 landings since it entered service in mid-December.

Dollar is one of the most prominent African-American preachers based around Atlanta who have built successful ministries on the prosperity gospel, which teaches that God wants to bless the faithful with earthly riches.