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Jessica Fore to try again in 10th District
Jessica Fore
Jessica Fore.

NEWTON COUNTY —  Regardless of what happens in the 2024 election, Jessica Fore is already a winner in many circles.

The 10th District Congressional candidate is making another run this year after finishing second in the Democratic primary two years ago.

“I was born and raised in middle Georgia, and have been doing community service projects, youth events and traveling church music ministry throughout this district for 25 years before getting into politics,” Fore said. “I’ve spent significant time in about 15 of the 20 counties that make up GA-10.  When I’m in Monroe, I enjoy eating at R.J.’s Soul Food.”

While in her 20s, Fore said she left an abusive marriage.

“The PCA church (Presbyterian Church in America) where I was leading worship fired me for not moving back in with my abuser,” Fore said. “I experienced years of poverty, lost my car and apartment, moved into a friend’s spare room, and rode a scooter to multiple jobs as far as 45 miles away trying to make ends meet. I did farm work, telemarketing, airport security, and church music and slowly built a new life. I learned everything I could about abusers. Then, under threat of excommunication, I forced systemic abuse to the floor of PCA General Assembly to advocate for other women with similar experiences.”

The Democratic hopeful said she sees similiarites between abuse and politics.

“This is a crucial time to bring our politics back in line with our common values as Americans, stabilize our Democratic processes, and solve problems to make life better for regular working Georgians,” Fore said. “We’re all tired of being encouraged to hate our neighbors and being manipulated by people who consolidate power at our expense. Vote for me and send a tough working class champion who tells the truth to serve you in Congress.”

The race for the 10th Congressional District will be an uphill battle for whichever Democratic Party candidate wins the primary. Both said they look forward to talking to all voters.

Fore is facing political newcomer Lexy Doherty in the May 21 primary. The winner will face Republican incumbent Mike Collins in November.

It will be the first time in four elections that someone other than Tabitha Johnson-Green will be the Democratic Party nominee. Johnson-Green, the Democratic nominee in 2018, 2020 and 2022, did not run this year.

The makeup of the 10th District, which covers a large area, leans heavily Republican.

Collins, a trucking executive from Jackson, won the 2022 General Election with 64.53 percent of the vote against Johnson-Greene, including large support in  Walton County.