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GBI receives NIBRS certification
NIBRS certification

DECATUR, Ga. – On Monday, June 11, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation received notification from the FBI of successfully meeting the requirements for National Incident-Based Reporting System certification. This certification means that Georgia is now the 36th state capable of submitting incident-based data to the FBI. 

Currently, crimes are reported using a summary reporting system.  NIBRS (incident-based) captures details on each single crime incident as well as separate offenses within the same incident.  This provides a more accurate picture of statistics on crime.

The FBI provided notification to states that they have until January 2021 to transition from summary-based to incident-based reporting of Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data. To meet this mandated deadline, the GBI established an aggressive timeline to implement a system capable of capturing detailed data that could be submitted to NIBRS.  The GBI worked with Optimum Technology to build a Georgia NIBRS repository and since February 2018 has been sending test transactions to the FBI.

The FBI provided notification that the GBI’s system successfully met the criteria for NIBRS certification:

  • system compatibility
  • system responsiveness
  • statistical reasonableness
  • satisfactory error rate

Georgia will begin accepting test data from local agencies in the coming weeks and plans are for the system to be available to all Georgia law enforcement agencies in the Fall of 2018 for manual data entry.  Georgia agencies using record management systems for the reporting of incident-based Uniform Crime Reporting data to GBI will have one-year from the GA NIBRS go-live date to remediate their record management systems to meet the new requirements.