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Ga. Senate clears way for continued operation of Uber, Lyft
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ATLANTA (AP) — Uber and other ride sharing companies may have passed their last legislative roadblock with the passage of a Georgia Senate bill mandating insurance minimums for drivers and the firms they drive for.

House bill 190, sponsored by Republican Rep. Rich Golick of Smyrna passed in a 42-4 vote on Tuesday.

Republican Sen. Charlie Bethel of Dalton spoke for the bill in the upper chamber. Bethel said Uber and similar technology-based ride sharing firms, which use apps to connect drivers with passengers, must provide $1 million in primary insurance that goes into effect when an agreement is made between driver and passenger.

Bethel said Drivers must also have their own insurance coverage.

Uber has said it has thousands of drivers — it calls them partners, not employees — in Georgia.