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No dead chickens, dolls with pins in them
Woman enlists deputys help in stopping her neighbor from sending voodoo through the walls
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“I was dispatched to a duplex in reference to an elderly woman requesting a deputy go to the adjoining apartment and tell the occupant to stop sending voodoo through the wall into her apartment. The complainant stated nobody ever did anything when she called and she wanted a report and for it to stop,” wrote Deputy Mark Lovell in an incident report taken Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 7:05 p.m.

“This deputy did not detect the presence of any voodoo in the complainant’s apartment; however, I have no experience in the subject so I could have been subjected to it and not know it,” he continued. “I did go to the complainant’s neighbor and spoke to him about possibly transferring voodoo into the complainant’s apartment.”

Lovell said “the neighbor was very understanding and opened the door wider” giving the officer a view of the Baptist T.V. program the neighbor was watching at the time.

“I advised the complainant that I wasn’t very well-versed in the practice of voodoo except what I had seen on T.V. and based on that I didn’t see any dolls with pins in them, dead chickens or spooky things,” Lovell wrote. “I also advised the complainant that I warned the neighbor that if he was sending voodoo through the walls to stop. The complainant was put at ease and thanked the Sherriff’s Department for their service.”