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Montessori School holds annual chili luncheon
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The place to be for lunch in Newton County Monday afternoon was the Montessori School of Covington. But not just everyone was invited; the annual luncheon was to honor those people in the community who make a difference, such as medical professionals, firefighters and members of law enforcement.

Roughly 70 people were served a chili lunch at the event, and the early childhood students at the school used the skills they have been practicing all year to mix lemonade, chop vegetables, grate cheese, cook chili, set the tables and welcome their special guests.

Attendees could choose from firehouse, mild, white chicken and vegetarian chili and a dessert of either banana pudding or dirt cake. The children served the food and dessert and as guests made their way to tables, children came by with ice and either tea, water or lemonade and toast and served those who work tirelessly to serve others.

This is the ninth year that the school has hosted their popular chili luncheon, and the aspect of community service included in the luncheon is part of the Montessori curriculum which teaches the children to both give back and to give thanks in their community.