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R.L. Cousins High School alumni host meet and greet
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Almost 200 R.L. Cousins High School alumni reflected on the ‘Good Ole’ Days’ at the meet-and-greet held in the school’s old cafeteria, a cafeteria not just remembered for lunches served there. It had been where band practice was held after school, where the prom and graduation were held. But March 14 was the day almost 200 R.L. Cousins High School alumni representing all 13 classes would focus on a common vision. This is a vision that focuses on education for the young people and working with the Covington community.

"Education is the cornerstone of a healthy community. It is beneficial to the entire community — businesses relocate looking for a pool of well-educated and skilled workers to offer jobs. Greater tax revenues are realized. Education is good for family life and social life," stated association president, Chester Benton. He also spoke of how a common vision requires commitment and participation.

Members from each Class Clubs were seen as particularly important to the growth of the Alumni Association — its membership and the achievement of its goals. In turn, each club can expect to benefit from the alumni association’s greater resources, such as: a Web site, a newsletter and e-mail blasts. One highlight of the day was photographing together members of the first class 1957 and last class 1970 who were present.

Special recognition was given to Mr. and Mrs. T.K. Adams. Association President Benton reminisced on how Adams in his role as band director for R.L. Cousins High School was instrumental in getting band scholarships for so many of his students. Special recognition was also given to elected officials who had attended R.L. Cousins: former County Commissioner Harold Cobb, City Council Persons Janet Goodman, Ocie Franklin and Hawnethia Williams, and Board of Education Member Almond Turner, and the class of ’57 and ’70.

Association President Chester Benton said the group is still working to contact former students about membership in the alumni association and upcoming events. He said the association’s goals are to increase membership, develop scholarship programs for alumni’s children, fit into the community by offering mentoring programs and connecting with schools and to find office space to display historical R.L. Cousins artifacts and archives.

For further information contact R.L.Cousins Alumni, P.O.Box 87 Covington, Ga. 30015, e-mail the group at rlcwolverines@ or call at (770) 757 7979.