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Piedmont students gather at the flagpole
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Middle and high school students at Piedmont Academy participated in the recent See You at the Pole gathering.

The event on Sept. 22 is part of an international gathering of students to pray at the flag pole at their schools.

Dr. John Brown of Monticello Methodist Church delivered the message.

Middle School Y-Club members, lead by middle school math teacher Christie Wallace, include Mack Brady, Starr Batchelor, Madison Burnham, Ben Davis, Abigail Hyde, Ashley, Johnston, Morgan Johnston, Baylee Keesee, Morgan Leach, Andrew Mitchell, Maddie Mooneyham, Marissa Mooneyham, Chase Olson, Hunter Pope, Bridgette Phillips, Danny Ramsdell, Matti Smith, Hank Strickland, Haley Tyler, and Preston Tyler.

High School Y-Club members, lead by high school English teacher Jana Arp, include Angelia Brown, Mary Ashlynn Dennis, Katie Dimsdale, Alex Hall, Andie Lewis, Matt O’Brien, Lauren Mitchell, Jessie Wagnon, Destiny Walker, Briana Bailey, Tyler Cullum, Cole Hamilton, Samuel McGinnis, Hailey Burnham, Dallas Fletcher, Lanie King, Julia Maloney, Lucy Strickland, Britton Bailey, Katie Cline, Lynne Marie Edwards, Emmie Kelly, Savannah McGinnis, Malik Reid, Mills Smith, and Malcom Tyler.