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Piedmont Academy competes at Reading Bowl
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Three teams from Piedmont Academy competed in the regional Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl at Warner Robbins High School Saturday.

The Georgia Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl used the original 20 titles on the Georgia Book Awards Nominees list for 2013-2014 and 20 additional titles on the Georgia Peach Teen Book Award Nominees list.

Elementary students were tasked with 17 titles, and middle and high school students were given 20 titles. All teams were challenged to read most of the books on their assigned lists. During the event, teams earned points by answering questions about the books, and teams with the most points won their matches.

"All teams received a participation trophy, and the elementary team did very well and will be more competitive next year," said reading team coordinator and coach Traci Brady. "This was some of the team members’ first experience. They will know more what to expect next year. I am proud of them for reading so many of the books.’’

Elementary team members were Savannah Mosley, Jake Mathews, Riley Reed, Maggie Johnston, Cody Brimberry, Brianna Mitchell, Fleming Sealy, Harris Brady, Brody Anderson, and Katie Mathews, coached by Traci Brady. Middle school members were Anne Marie Hildebrant, O’Neil Sealy, Ivy English, Alina Jablonski, Deacon Robinson, Gracie Hunt, Cassidy Cook, Gage Wilborn, Caden Clark, and Mari Jablonski, coached by Heather Suwinski. High-school team members Abigail Hyde, Cheyenne Galloway, Joseph Anderson, Lynne Marie Edwards, and Wyatt Galloway were coached by Elizabeth Davis.