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Part teacher, part principle
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Eighth grade Liberty Middle School teacher and Alpha Omega High School principal Greg Davenport has been in education for nearly twenty years. He became interested in becoming a teacher at a young age and stuck to the idea even after graduating high school.

"I've wanted to be a role model all of my life," Davenport said. "I always dreamed about going into a career where I could help people."

Davenport grew up in Winder. He decided to major in math, since it was something that he has always been good at doing.

"When I first became a teacher, my goal was to help take each of my students to a higher level not only with their math skills but with life skills that will remain with them forever," he said. "One of my favorite things about my job is watching them learn and grow during their time in my classroom."

Davenport started Alpha Omega High School six years ago with his wife Wanda. Together they have helped kids pass their tests in order to be able to graduate and go on to college.

"We wanted kids to have another form of education they couldn't have otherwise," he said. "I wanted them to have other options so they wouldn't have to accept not being able to graduate."

Being a principal verses being a teacher offers different challenges and obstacles along the way. Davenport said that sometimes he likes being a teacher better, but even at Alpha Omega he is able to teach the students while also being their principal.

Besides playing a major role in education, Davenport also enjoys watching westerns, gardening and going to the weight room. If he could be anything other than a teacher, it would be something in the law enforcement.

The best advice he had ever received came from his mentor Johanna Samons who taught math in Rockdale.

"She taught me to never give up and to never say the word ‘can't' because if you want it bad enough then you can," he said. "It is advice that I have always told my students as well."