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Oak Hill relies on support system
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From being named the 4-H School of the year for six years running, to having a PTO that raises money for the school's needs that budgetary funds do not cover, Oak Hill has a strong support system and a strong focus on the needs of the students and the teachers who walk these hallowed halls.

"We have the best kids, parents and teachers in the county," said Principal Dr. Brenda Gammons. "We have a very active PTO. They were able to raise more than $15,000 this year for the school. The money this year was used to buy Activboards, two copiers for teachers, teaching supplies, agendas, Wednesday folders, car-rider tags and other things to support our children and teachers at OHE. We have an excellent 4-H program. Our students may become involved in chorus, art club and reading club. Technology is a focus for us. We currently have Activboards in all classrooms, including both computer labs. We have an ALEX computer lab where all students in fourth and fifth grade go to strengthen their math skills. Our students have the opportunity to use technology in every grade.

"Our students learn to be thoughtful and generous," she said. "Our students have written letters to our service men and women, collected canned goods and assisted in Jump Rope for Heart and Relay for Life. We have an excellent teaching staff. There is not a classroom here where I would not have my child in. Our teachers are student focused. They are also focused on student achievement. Our school is like a family."
Superintendent Dr. Gary Mathews praised the school as well.

"Oak Hill barely missed AYP in one of the subgroups coming into last 2011-12 school year. However, under the new state waiver from No Child Left Behind, OHES is not on the state's ‘priority' or ‘focus' list which is good news. Further good news shows achievement results all in the 80s or 90s with the lowest result for the school in the high 70s in just one grade. Put another way, OHES is doing well. No doubt, though, teachers and administrators want to do even better and I believe will do so going forward. From my stand point, OHES is a school I always enjoy visiting. You see learning going on with students enjoying their time in class. As I've shared with Principal Gammans on a number of occasions, I would definitely send my own children to Oak Hill. It feels good and is good," Mathews said.