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Oak Hill Elementary student takes 3rd in calendar contest
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Newton County School System is pleased to announce that Madison Gonzales, a first grade student at Oak Hill Elementary School, won third place in the 2011 Statewide Fire Safety Poster Contest in the first grade competition.

The contest was open to all Georgia elementary school students in grades kindergarten through five. Students were asked to create poster entries emphasizing one of twelve fire safety tips that reflected this year's theme, "Protect Your Family from Fire."

The twelve fire safety tips included:

Safety Tip #1 "Give space heaters some space. Things placed too close to space heaters can catch on fire."

Safety Tip #2 "Firefighters are your friends. Never hide inside. Always go outside when there is a fire."

Safety Tip #3 "Matches and lighters are tools, not toys! If you find a match or lighter, tell an adult."

Safety Tip #4 "Have smoke alarms in your home to protect you and your family. Have a smoke alarm for each floor in your home."

Safety Tip #5 "If your clothes catch fire, stop where you are, drop to the ground and cover your face, and roll!"

Safety Tip #6 "Remember: In case of fire in your home, always go to a neighbor's house to call 911."

Safety Tip #7 "If there is smoke in your house, crawl low under the smoke and get out and stay out!"

Safety Tip #8 "Home fire sprinklers control and extinguish fires in your home, giving you more time to escape."

Safety Tip #9 "Have a meeting place outside your home that the whole family knows about. Once outside, never go back inside!"

Safety Tip #10 "When cooking, turn handles toward the rear of the stove. Grease fires can quickly get out of control. If you have a grease fire, cover the pan with a lid to
smother the fire."

Safety Tip #11 "Draw a fire escape plan for your home and practice it with the whole family. Make sure you have two ways out of every room."

Safety Tip #12 "Keep your holidays happy, turn holiday lights off before going to bed."

Madison based her poster on Safety Tip #9, "Have a meeting place outside your home that the whole family knows about." As a result of her accomplishment, Madison was recently recognized by Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph T. Hudgens at the 19th Annual "Life, Fire & Safety" Awards luncheon at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth.

"We are very proud of Madison and her accomplishment," said Newton County School Superintendent Gary Mathews. "She is obviously a very talented young lady and a wonderful representative of both Oak Hill Elementary School and the Newton County School System."