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Newton students win big at regional science fair
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Dozens of Newton County students won big at the regional science fair, with 12 projects earning first-place awards and 13 winning third-place awards.

Indian Creek Middle School
Students at Indian Creek won two first-place awards, four second-place awards and five third-place awards. Billy Love won first place and Broadcam Masters in the physics and astronomy division for his project Drop Zone and Mackenzie Mallard won first place in the biochemistry division for her project “The Effects of pH on Enzyme Reactions.”

Harrison Bohannon won second place in the animal science division for his project “’Dye’namic Effects on A‘maze’ing Mice,” Wesley Rains won second in the physics and astronomy division for his project “Cool Soda,” Tommy Herron and Evan Gravitt placed second in the environmental sciences division for their project “Biodegradable … or Not?,” and Brookes Benton and Casey Potts also placed second for their project in the energy and transportation division with “It’s Complicated.”

Madison Turner and Caroline Dumdie took home third-place awards in physics and astronomy, Emma Raines and Frank Holmes won third place in the animal science division and Daphne Ramirez and Jarod Wayne took home third for their project in the mathematical sciences division.

“The science teachers and I are so proud of all of our students and were just thrilled that they performed so well,” said Indian Creek Principal Renee Mallard. “The process of completing a science fair project involves so many components and really speaks to the educational perseverance of the students. Preparation, research, experimentation, design and hypothesis testing are just some facets of the science fair project. In addition, writing, communication skills and interview skills also play key roles in the students’ success. The time that the students put forth and the work of the teachers who guide them through this process is remarkable. Having so many students place at the regional fair, as well as having two students move on to the state competition, recognizes their efforts and the dedication of the students.”

Newton County Theme School at Ficquett
Three Theme School students placed first. Tyler Davis and Conrad Martin Jr. won in the plant sciences division with “What are the Effects of Acid Rain on the Growth of Plants?” They were also named Broadcam Masters. Billy Allen won first in medicine and health and was a Broadcam Masters winner as well with “Which is the Best Source for Drinking Water?” And Eli Vinson won in the microbiology division with “Which Animal Saliva Has the Most Bacteria?”

“We are very proud of all of our students that made it to the regional level,” said Principal Jim Meneguzzo. “We know the hard work and dedication that it took for them to get to this level. We are very excited to be able to have four of our students move on to the state level with three of those students winning the Broadcam Masters award. We know they will represent our school well.”

Cousins Middle School
Michael Hipps placed first in the plant sciences division for “Will the Color of Light Affect Plant Growth?” Aidan Moon placed first in chemistry, and was also a Broadcam Masters winner, for his project “Will a Homemade Geode Form Faster in Full Light?”

Curtis Broadnax placed second in engineering materials and bioengineering with “What Type of Tape Works Best on Cardboard?,” Allison Cope won second in physics and astronomy with “What is the Strongest Paper Towel Brand?” and Ethan Holmes placed second in animal science with “What Mouse Trap Bait do Mice Prefer?”

Third-place winners were: Lauren Cumming in biochemistry, Georgia Holmes in mathematical sciences, Gabby Martin in environmental sciences, Katherine Oliver in medicine and health sciences, Manroop Sunner in plant sciences and Danielle Williamson in chemistry.

Clements Middle School
Anthony Fiddes placed first in plant sciences with his project “Does Noise Grow?” and Diana Vo placed first in physics and astronomy with “What’s the Faster Way to Cool a Soda Can?”

“We are pleased to announce our students’ accomplishments from the NCCS District Science Fair,” said Principal Joy Scavella. “They have all done an outstanding job in this year’s competition! Diana Vo and Anthony Fiddes, Clements Middle School seventh graders, won first place at the Regional Science Fair and will be competing at the state level in March. We are very proud of all our students’ accomplishments as they always exhibit excellence in every manner! They are model students and are well respected by their peers. Their hard work has paid off and we know that they will continue to represent Clements well and excel in all that they do!”

Liberty Middle School
Sarah Barrentine, Emily Toro and Emma Bryant placed third in animal science with their project “How Much Worm is a Worm?” And Kacie and Kara Gartner placed third in physics and astronomy with their project “What is Electromagnetism and How Does it Work?”

Newton High School
Alex Grady placed first in physics and astronomy with “Don’t Call it a Comeback,” as did Christopher Gray with his project “Space Race.” Also placing first at NHS was Vitaliy Semenikhin, who placed first in environmental science for “How Do Oils Affect Biodiesel?” Semenikhin also won the I-SWEEP recognition award and the United States Air Force award.

Newton County students competed against students from Fayette, Henry, Griffin-Spalding, Butts, Pike, Lamar and Thomaston Upson county schools.

“Science is extremely important in this modern age we live in,” said Gary Mathews, superintendent of Newton County Schools. “We are so proud to see so many of our students not only enter the regional science fair, but perform so exceedingly well! Thanks to our students and teachers!”

“All of the students who participated in the Griffin RESA Regional Science and Engineering Fair on Thursday, Feb. 7, are to be commended for their hard work,” said Stephanie Gordy, Executive Director of Griffin Regional Educational Service Agency. “The quality of the projects presented was outstanding. We are excited for our junior and senior division students with first place projects. These students will represent us at the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair in March. The two top projects in the senior division will represent us at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in May. The Newton County School System had an impressive showing in our regional fair. These results are reflective of the positive impact of their hard-working science teachers.”