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Newton Medical Center named 2009 Partner of the Year
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The Newton County School System and the Newton County Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce that Newton Medical Center has been named the school system’s 2009 Cornerstones Partner of the Year for its outstanding partnership program with East Newton Elementary School. The award was presented at the annual Partners in Education/May Coffee Call sponsored by the school district and the chamber.


The Cornerstones Partners in Education Program is a joint project of the Newton County Chamber of Commerce and the Newton County Schools. The school system’s partner program, originally called Adopt-A-School, began in December 1986. Since that time the Partners in Education Program has grown to more than 100 school partnerships, with many businesses partnering with more than one school.


“Newton Medical Center has a positive influence on our school and its teachers and students,” noted East Newton principal Naomi Cobb. “We are proud to have them as our partner and as a part of East Newton Elementarys’ extended family.”


According to Cobb, Martha Taylor, Director of Volunteer Services for Newton Medical Center, meets with school administrators at the beginning of each school year to discuss and develop a plan for how the hospital can help the school, and each year, the hospital always goes above and beyond what they initially plan to do. Newton Medical Center’s plan provides for both employees and students at East Newton Elementary School.


The hospital always provides breakfast on teacher work days and an end-of-year luncheon for the staff. They bring the food, set it up and clean up afterward. Whenever volunteers are needed, Cobb noted the hospital has always been quick to help… whether it be providing judges for the spelling bee or recitation contest or serving as volunteer readers.


In addition to their time, Cobb added that the hospital paid $900 toward the purchase of the STAR Reader program, which has helped teachers determine the reading levels of their students. They provide and serve refreshments for the Student of the Month program and use student-made ornaments to decorate the hospital’s Christmas tree. Newton Medical Center also hosts two yearly art shows to showcase student artwork as well as a concert that features the school chorus. Each year, Newton Medical Center provides much needed supplies for the school clinic and Taylor has also served as an Active member of the East Newton Elementary School Council.


“I’m very proud that our hospital was recognized and honored by the school system and Chamber of Commerce for our partnership with East Newton Elementary School,” said James Weadick, Hospital Administrator. “The unsung heroes are Ms. Martha Taylor and the members of the Volunteer Services. These ladies have done an outstanding job bringing the hospital into East Newton Elementary School and I’m very proud of them.”


Weadick noted that community is very important to him and the hospital.


“I put a high value in community involvement,” said Weadick. “It’s extremely important to bring the hospital out into the community and bring the community into the hospital,” he said. “Our volunteer services program does a good job with its partnership with East Newton Elementary and with other events throughout the year. They have a magical way of making people in the community want to get involved in the activities in the hospital. It’s more than a place to go when you need medical attention. The community is extremely important to us. After all, the hospital is their hospital.”