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Newton Education Foundation donates $20,000 for NCSS Book Bus
Education Foundation

COVINGTON, Ga. - Members of the Newton Education Foundation were on hand at the Newton County Board of Education’s May 21 meeting to show their support for the school district’s goal of improving students’ reading skills. 

Newton Education Foundation Chair Loucy Hay presented school superintendent, Samantha Fuhrey, and members of the Board of Education with a check for $20,000 to support the NCSS Book Bus, which travels across Newton County providing free books to children in need.


“The Newton Education Foundation is so proud to help our school system stock the Book Bus,” Hay said. “Children need books of their own that they can enjoy over and over. We are happy to be part of Newton County’s effort to build childhood literacy.”

The Book Bus first hit the road in June 2015 with the goal of providing students in the community with free books that they could keep at home and enjoy over and over again, without ever having to return them. Since that first run, the NCSS Book Bus has provided over 15,000 books to both children and adults in the Covington/Newton County community. 

The donation comes at the perfect time as the school district will need to restock the Book Bus after its summer break run last week.

“We appreciate the continued support of the Newton Education Foundation,” Benjamin Roundtree, NCSS chief academic officer, said. “They have made a tremendous impact in our continued efforts to improve student literacy and reading skills. With the very generous donation from the Newton Education Foundation, we will be able to fully restock the Book Bus for several additional runs throughout the school year.”