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Newton County schools announce district science fair winners
Science fair
From left are some Science Fair winners, including Riley Poynter, Annslee Dunn, LaTayla Billingslee, Brianna Francis, Younger Burton, Tatom Curtis and Kaegan Hill. - photo by Courtesy of the Newton County School System

Newton County School System (NCSS) announces the winners of the 2022 NCSS Secondary District Science and Engineering Fair. 

All first-place winners will represent Newton County Schools in the Regional Science Fair in Griffin, according to NCSS Secondary Science Curriculum and Instruction Specialist Vicki Meeler.

The following is a list of all Newton County School System Science Fair first place winners along with their project titles:

High School Science Fair winners

• Tatom Curtis and Younger Burton, first, Newton College and Career Academy (NCCA), "Poisonous PCR: Analysis of the ITS Gene in Local Poisonous Fungal Species."

• Annslee Dunn, first, NCCA, "Using Beneficial Bacteria to Kill Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria."

• Brianna Francis and Bailey Smith, first, NCCA,"CRISPR Knockout & Restriction Digest in Bacterial Transformation."

• Kaegan Hill, first, NCCA, "Efficacy of Over-the-Counter Products on Bacteria-Induced Atopic Dermatitis."

• Dasia Lackey, first, NCCA, "Cellobiose/SCOBY in Biofuel Production."

• Riley Poynter and LaTayla Billingslea, first, NCCA, "Drugging E.Coli: Effects of Vape e-liquids on E.Coli."

**TOP Scoring High School Project: Brianna Francis and Bailey Smith

Middle School Science Fair Winners

• Alex Amerson, first, Indian Creek, "What is the Optimal Trebuchet Boom Ratio?"

• Emilee Beal, first, Indian Creek, "Measuring Relative Skyglow Using a Digital Camera."

• Katie Bryan, first, Indian Creek, "The Difficulties of Separating CGI and Photography."

• Zoey Dotson, first, NC Theme, "Which Nail Polish Brand Lasts the Longest?"

• Alexander Ehret, first, NC Theme, "How do Variables Affect the Performance of a Roller Coaster Car?" 

• Markell Francis and Jayden Colbert, first, Clements, "Soda & Mentos Experiment."

• Marc Goring and Devin Smalls, first, Liberty, "Electrified! Differences in Electrolytes Between Drinks."

• Rahniah Greene, first, Clements, "Acrylic Nail Removal." 

• Madeline Jones, Meredith Dowdy and Colbie Hamlin, first, Indian Creek, "Does Smell Affect our Taste?"

• Sophia Mabie, first, NC Theme, "What is the Most Absorbent Paper Towel?"

• Caroline Meeler, first, Indian Creek, "A Spoonful of Sugar: Glucose in Our Food (Part II)." 

• Samantha Paler, first, Clements, "It's Unbelie-bubble!"

• Leyton Parker, first, NC Theme, "Which Liquid Evaporates the Fastest?"

• Benjamin Parson, first, NC Theme, "3,2,1 GRO! The Effects of Potting Soil on Plant Growth."

• Jonathan Phillips, first, Liberty, "Fantastic Fabrics (fabrics and fading)."

• Oliver Reid, first, NC Theme, "Evaluating the Effects of a Radar Speed Sign on Driver Speed."

• Tristan Taylor, first, Indian Creek, "Investigating Plastic Pollution."

• Payton Tremblay, first, Liberty, "Electro Resistance."

• Katheryn Wilber, first, NC Theme, "Which Mask Works Best? (to prevent spread of bacteria)."

• Gabrielle Rangel and Brooklynn Gladue, first, Indian Creek, "Effectiveness of Various Pizza Sauces on Pizza Condition."

**TOP Scoring Middle School Projects (by category):

• Caroline Meeler (Indian Creek) – Biomedical & Health Sciences.

• Katheryn Wilber (NC Theme) – Microbiology.

• Jonathan Phillips (Liberty) – Materials Science.

• Katie Bryan (Indian Creek) – Psychology.

• Marc Goring and Devin Smalls (Liberty) – Physics.

• Benjamin Parson (NC Theme) – Plant Sciences.

• Oliver Reid (NC Theme) – Behavioral & Social Sciences.

NCSS Director of Secondary Education Shundreia Neely said, “Newton County School System students continue to make us proud of their talents and achievements.

"This year’s science fair projects were quite impressive. Each year we see the depth and complexity of our projects increase.”

Neely added, “The wonderful thing about the NCSS District Science Fair is that it gives students the opportunity to bring research and experimentation to life. Our first-place winners will move forward and represent NCSS at the regional science fair in Griffin. We know they will do well. We thank our students for participating and our teachers for guiding and supporting them.”