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NCSS will not administer Georgia Milestones retests

Newton County School System (NCSS) will not administer retests for Georgia Milestones End of Grade assessments.

NCSS announced retest dates last week for students in grades three, five, and eight, who did not demonstrate proficiency in reading and math on their first attempt.

NCSS Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey said at that time that administering retests was contingent on the State providing results of the first administration of these tests prior to the end of the current school year. According to Dr. Allison Jordan, NCSS Director of Testing, Research, and Evaluation, with only three days of school left, NCSS still had not received test results from the State for more than 900 students in the district.

“As we announced previously, retests would not be used for promotion and retention purposes, as the State Board of Education waived that requirement due to the numerous issues encountered by school systems across the state with the online testing. Additionally, administering retests would be contingent upon receiving test results in a timely manner,” Fuhrey said. “Unfortunately, we have not received all of the results for students in grades three, five, and eight; therefore, we will not have the necessary time to administer student retests. It is very disappointing that we are unable to retest, particularly since we elected to test online in grades three, five, and eight, in the first place, in order to receive results quicker and retest before school ended. Over the next few days, students in grade three, five, and eight whose scores are available, will receive individual letters indicating their performance on the Milestones. Students identified as ‘Beginning Learners’ in English/Language Arts/Reading and/or math should read and write frequently and practice math skills during the summer break. ”

Fuhrey added that parents of students whose scores are still missing will be notified once the district receives their child’s information from the State.

“We will send them a letter via U.S. mail to notify them of their child’s test results,” Fuhrey said.