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NCSS principals honored for national Principals' Month
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Principals play an essential role in making a school great, said Newton County School System Superintendent Dr. Samantha Fuhrey.

“Great principals create the environments that support great teaching and learning,” she said.

Fuhrey announced that three leading education associations had declared October national principals’ month. The National Associations of Secondary School Principals, the National Association of Elementary School Principals and the American Federation of School Administrators said good principals are a key to student’s success.

“National Principals’ Month is a great time to recognize, honor, and celebrate the work of our principals and to thank them for their commitment to our children and community,” Fuhrey said. “Our principals are amazing educators who dedicate a significant portion of their lives to serving our students and community; their work extends well beyond the traditional nine to five schedule.

“Our principals are educational visionaries who work diligently to position our students to have choices beyond high school,” she said.

The principals of the Newton County School System are Dr. Kim Coady, East Newton Elementary; Dr. Naomi Cobb, Fairview Elementary; Dr. Lynne DiNardo, Flint Hill Elementary; Marquita Wilkins,

Heard-Mixon Elementary Ericka Anderson, Live Oak Elementary; Dr. Patrick Carter, Livingston Elementary; Dr. Lori Thomas, Mansfield Elementary; Dr. Michael Forehand, Middle Ridge Elementary; James Meneguzzo , Newton County Theme School at Ficquett; Dr. Brenda Gammans, Oak Hill Elementary; Nikkita Warfield, Porterdale Elementary ; Dr. Miranda Jones, Rocky Plains Elementary; Terran Newman , South Salem Elementary ; Dr. Takila Curry , West Newton Elementary; Joy Warren, Clements Middle School; Dr. Makeba Clark, Cousins Middle School; Dr. Renee Mallard, Indian Creek Middle School; Keisa Taylor, Liberty Middle School; James Peek, Veterans Memorial Middle School; Dr. Sandra Owens, Alcovy High; Jeff Cher, Eastside High; John Ellenberg, Newton High; and Chad Walker, Newton College and Career Academy