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NCSS to host 2 poverty awareness meetings
Poverty Awareness

COVINGTON, Ga. - The Newton County School System is working hard to tackle an issue that affects 70 percent of all NCSS students — poverty. To aid in this endeavor the school system is asking for help from the community and will hold two very important meetings Monday at the Newton College and Career Academy.

Last year the system began collaborating with poverty expert, Dr. Donna Beegle of Communication Across Barriers, an Oregon-based organization that assists institutions to design plans to move and keep people out of poverty. The ultimate goal for NCSS is to create an Opportunity Community, where people act as navigators to assist those in the grips of poverty.

Beegle will be on hand for both events Monday to address the issues of poverty in Newton County. The first event is a Leadership for Change meeting that targets leaders of various organizations from across the region. City and county officials, business owners, heads of organizations, and members of the clergy are invited to attend.  These leaders will learn from Beegle what is needed for Newton County to create an Opportunity Community.

The Leadership for Change meeting will take place at the Newton College and Career Academy, located at 144 Ram Drive, from 8 a.m. to noon.

Later that afternoon, from 1 to 4 p.m., the school system will host a Prosperity Summit, a program that is open to all members of the community.  In this session, Beegle will give more details on how to develop the Opportunity Community concept.  This event also will take place at the Newton College and Career Academy.

“I am excited to roll up my sleeves to put our plan into action,” said Samantha Fuhrey, superintendent of Newton County School System. “I hope all members of our community will get involved so that we can create a well-connected safety net for our children and families. Eradicating poverty will not be easy, but I am convinced that, together, we will win the battle!”

For more information, contact Sherri Davis, director of public relations for Newton County Schools, at