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My Day as the President
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Editor’s Note: The following article is written by Gunner Jackson, an 11-year-old student at Flint Hill Elementary School.


I woke up hearing a loud noise. I jumped off my bed and landed in front of the window. I could not believe my eyes. I saw three helicopters flying above my house. My parents leapt out of bed to come check on me. My mom, dad and I were staring out the window.

We were interrupted by a banging noise on the front door. We rushed downstairs and I looked out the window. I saw a guy in a fancy suit standing in front of the door beside two buff men. I spun around and tripped over my feet. My dad helped me up and opened the door.

My dad asked the man what was going on. "Is Gunner Jackson here?" asked the man who was holding a clipboard full of papers. My dad said, "Yes, he is." I walked in front of the door. The man asked me, "Do you know what is happening?" I said, "No, sir."

"Well, you have been elected to be president of the United States for one day!" the man said.

I turned around and looked at my parents who were in shock. My dad elbowed me and said, "Congratulations! That’s my boy!" My mom gave me a bear hug and said, "Do you know what you are going to do as president?"

A limo drove up and the man said to me, "Let’s go to Washington, D.C.!" I said, "Can my parents come with me?"

"Of course they can," he said.

We invited the man inside while my mom rounded up our clothes. The man told my mom, "There is no reason to do that because we are going to buy all of you new clothes." We hopped into the limo filled with Sprite and pizza. There were cops leading and following the limo.

On the way to the White House, the man asked me what I was thinking about doing as president. I said, "I am going to help the hungry."

I asked my dad if he would like to help me cook some of my Granny’s recipes in the White House kitchen. He answered with excitement, "Yes, I would love to help you cook Granny biscuits and chicken and dumplings!"

My mom asked how I was going to get the food to the hungry. I said, "We are going to take the food by helicopters to the homeless shelters. I want to do this to teach the country to treat others the way they want to be treated. Even if we only have a day, people can make a big difference."