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Livingston Elementary principal announces resignation
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Wendy Hughes, principal of Livingston Elementary School, has announced her resignation. On Thursday, July 15, Hughes submitted a letter of resignation to Newton County School Superintendent Dr. Gary Mathews. Mathews accepted the resignation, which becomes effective on July 31.

“I have agreed to a nine-month suspension of my Georgia certificate, effective August 1-May 1, 2011,” said Hughes in a letter to Livingston Elementary School faculty and staff. “This suspension was agreed to as a means to an end to a situation for which I stand on my innocence.”

According to Hughes, charges were brought against her by the Georgia Department of Education for reimbursement for official travel expense from the wrong program funds.

“Although the funds were repaid when the mistake was identified, the DOE wanted further action,” explained Hughes. “The emotional and financial costs of the lawsuit which began in January 2009 have taken a toll on my family and have begun to impact my health. It is my decision to accept this suspension as a compromise in an attempt to move forward in a positive way.”

Hughes added that her certificate will be reinstated without further complications on May 1, 2011.

“At that time, if there might be a chance for me to return to NCSS, I would relish the opportunity,” said Hughes. “Until that time, I would like to say thank you to those with whom I have worked for these past three years. This has been the perfect place for me to be even while I was wrestling with this difficult issue. Newton County and Livingston Elementary have supported me in ways I could never have anticipated. This has been a wonderful place to work.”

“While I do not know Principal Hughes, as I am new, I do know that her colleagues in NCSS greatly respect her as a person and professional,” said Mathews. “I am sure that she will recover from this most unfortunate turn of events. I wish her all the best now and in the years ahead. As for the immediate future, the Livingston principalship is posted, screening of applicants will take place on July 22 and interviews held on July 23. Naturally, we are seeking the most qualified individual to serve as Principal of Livingston Elementary whomever that may be.”