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Indian Creek Middle continues to make vast improvements
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Named a Georgia Breakout Middle School, Indian Creek Middle School has made vast improvements since they were one of the county's schools to land on the dreaded ‘Needs Improvement' list. Now the school has much to offer students in both academics and extracurricular activities.

"You asked me why Indian Creek is an awesome school. The answer is easy...because we make it awesome. The students, staff, teachers and administrators all work together to make it the best middle school it can be. We have great kids who love coming to school here, and we work really hard to ensure that our students get the best of everything we can provide. We want the school to be awesome for them because we believe they deserve it," said Principal Renee Mallard. "When I asked the staff why they thought we were an awesome school, I received replies that referenced the sense of family between all staff, being a family of students, faculty, and staff, the fact that we are always trying to improve, the rapport between students and staff, our continuity, putting our students first, and as one staff member said, ‘Because when we are discussing any issue in our it athletics, academics, a program we use, how we move students for assembly or lunch, the final decision is what is best for our students. That is a winning situation...not what is easy for our faculty and staff but what is best for our students.'"

"Students in middle school change from children into young adults, and it can be a difficult time for them, their parents and for us. We know it is our responsibility to steer them in the right direction and help them stay on the right path. The responsibility is daunting, yet we work with middle school students because we love them and want what's best for them. Our enduring mission is that all of our decisions, and many are not easy, are made based on what's best for the child. If we keep that as our focal point, we will continue to be a success. There's no way that we could have accomplished what we have - whether it is coming off the ‘Needs Improvement' list or increasing our achievement scores or receiving recognition for our accomplishments without working together as a team. Our improvements and successes come from analysis, reflection and feedback. We never rest and we never settle...we are always striving for more. I am proud to be the principal and leader of Indian Creek Middle School."

Superintendent Gary Mathews praised the faculty and staff at the middle school.

"ICMS enjoys an excellent faculty and administration as was recently attested to by its designation as a ‘Georgia Breakout Middle School' by the Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals. By the time students reach the eighth grade, pass rates are well into the 90s in language arts and mid-80s in math."