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High school seniors open time capsule
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Five local graduating seniors got one last taste of childhood at Heard Mixon Elementary School Friday, opening a time capsule they buried seven years ago.

Mary Horton's 5th grade classes annually read "The Pumpkin Box" by Angela Johnson. The story is about two children who find a time capsule, share its contents with others and then bury their own keepsakes for future children.

The 2003-2004 class was the first to bury a time capsule and they decided to wait until they graduated from high school to open it.

Most of the students had trouble remembering the particular significance of the items they buried, as well as where they buried the box in the first place, necessitating extra searching and digging.

For any students that didn't attend the time capsule unearthing, Horton said students are welcome to come by Heard Mixon to pick up their items and she'd be happy to see them.

Below are the five students who did attend, where they're graduating from, what they found, where they plan to go to college and what they'll study when they're there (from left to right):

Steven Shattuck, 18, Eastside High School, rocks he used to collect with his grandfather, Georgia Perimeter College, undecided.

Travis Aiken, 18, Alcovy High School, a baseball, Georgia Perimeter, undecided.

Alyssa Johnson, 17, Alcovy, a softball medal from a tournament, Georgia Perimeter, dental hygiene.

Tara Bishop, 18, valedictorian at Alcovy, a beanie baby, University of Georgia, eventually ministry.

Channing Kelley, 17, Eastside, a 1955 penny her grandfather gave her, Georgia Perimeter, a culinary or medical field.