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Fifth grade writing test scores improve
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Elementary School; 2010 Score; 2011 Score:

East Newton; 80; 86
Fairview; N/A; 71
Ficquett; 64; 74
Heard Mixon; 79; 74
Live Oak; 67; 68
Livingston; 50; 58
Mansfield; 80; 90
Middle Ridge; 48; 56
Oak Hill; 70; 81
Palmer-Stone; 79; 82
Porterdale; 66; 71
Rocky Plains; 72; 81
South Salem; 80; 86
West Newton; 54; 69

Newton County fifth graders have increased their writing test scores by six points this year, and 11 schools have at least a 3 percent gain in scores.

Newton County as a whole has a 75 percent pass rate, up from 69 percent last year. The state's pass rate is four points higher. Many schools showed significant increases in scores, including Ficquett and Mansfield, whose test-takers went up 10 percent from last year, and Oak Hill, which showed an 11 percent increase. West Newton scored the highest increase from last year, going up 15 percent.

Scores declined at two schools. Heard Mixon decreased by 5 percent and Fairview by 6 percent from last year's writing test scores.

"This is headed in the right direction," said Superintendent Gary Mathews in an email. "Especially on the heels of our 2011 eighth grade writing results, which showed a gain of 3 percent this year versus last. Continuous improvement is what we want to see in the short - and long-term in our school system!"