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Farewell, old Newton
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In August 1973, Newton High opened its doors to students in the Newton County area. Those doors closed on Friday, because a new Newton High School has been built and will open this August.

As a rising senior, I am excited about the transition, knowing that I will have the opportunity to be in the first graduating class at the new school.

But, I am also sad knowing that Friday was the last time I will ever walk through the doors and down the hallways of the original Newton High School. As a student, I have learned so many things, met so many inspiring people, and experienced things that I will not have the opportunity to experience at the new Newton.

I won’t ever experience again being a freshman on the first day of high school, feeling excited and nervous at the same time.

I won’t ever again experience going to the auditorium and meeting Dr. Lockhart for the first time. I won’t ever see the art painted on the walls at the original Newton again.

I won’t ever experience again walking down the halls and through the doors that many of my older family members past and present also walked 40 years ago.

I won’t ever see another play in the first Newton’s auditorium. And the most important thing for me is knowing that I won’t ever again walk into the classroom where I discovered my passion for journalism. So for me, this transition is bittersweet.

Current Newton sophomore and upcoming junior Christopher McWilliams also feels that the move is bittersweet.

"I’ve grown accustomed to the building basically. I’ve been here two years, so I don’t know much, but I know enough to know that certain things have happened here, certain memories have happened here," McWilliams said.

McWilliams also said that even though he will miss this building, it is "out of its time and it’s time to leave." McWilliams has a number of many fond memories he will always have about Newton.

"Just meeting people from all over the county, getting acquainted with people learning their stories and playing basketball in the gym," he said.

McWilliams said the layout of the building is what he will miss the most about the school. "It’s so easy to learn and the new school will be a little bit harder because its so big," McWilliams said.

McWilliams said he is very excited for the new Newton that will be opening up this fall. "It’s going to be for the school and good for the county," McWilliams said.

Farewell, old Newton High School. We will miss you!