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Eighth grade writing tests improve
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Preliminary results show that a majority of Newton County’s middle schools improved scores on the eighth grade writing test for 2011.

According to a release on Thursday from Superintendent Gary Mathews, scores improved 3 percent, from 78 to 81 percent. That’s one point less than the state average of 82 percent, which is also up three points from last year.

At Clements and Cousins Middle schools, scores improved 2 percent, Indian Creek increased 9 percent, Liberty went up 4 percent and Challenge Charter Academy increased 8 percent. Veterans Memorial decreased by 1 percent this year, but was still above 80 percent in students meeting or exceeding standards.

Newton County also exceeded the state average in the Hispanic and black student subgroups by 2 percent and 1 percent, respectively. However, the county trailed the state in special education scores by 5 percent and white students by 2 percent.

Since 2007, students in both the state of Georgia and Newton County have averaged increased scores in the writing test, going from a 67 percent meets or exceeds expectation rate for both in 2007 to 82 and 81 percent in 2011.