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Cheerleaders organize community yard sale
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In their continuing efforts to alleviate the costs of their cheerleading program, The Veterans Memorial Middle School Cheer Generals have been organizing various fundraisers since June. This Saturday they will be hosting a community yard sale held in middle school’s parking lot.

The yard sale will be open for the public to participate. Individuals wishing to sell will be required to purchase parking spaces where they will set up their sale. One parking space will cost $10; two spaces will be available for $15. The fundraiser has acquired over 40 sellers so far, with more expected to sign up in the next couple of days. Individuals are encouraged to sign up by Friday, though they are welcomed to register on the day of the sale.

The cheerleaders, in full uniforms, will also be selling refreshments at the yard sale. All proceeds from parking space and refreshment sales will assist the team to purchase competition uniforms and other expenses of the program. Sellers will keep 100 percent of their profits.

"We’re expecting a great turnout," said Nicole Vanderwolf, co-organizer and fellow cheer mom. "Each of the 17 girls on the squad had to sell three parking spaces and there was a really great response. We really hope the community comes out and supports the Veterans’ cheerleading squad."

The cheer squad has organized several fundraisers throughout the summer. They partnered with Conyers Kroger to bag groceries for tips, handed out lollipops for donations at the Covington Wal-Mart and sold Krispy Kreme doughnuts to friends and family members. They anticipate more fundraisers in the coming months.

The yard sale begins at 8 a.m.; sellers will need to set up their tables at 7:30 a.m. Duration of the event will be tentative. For more information, contact Nicole Vanderwolf at (770) 331-0513 or (770) 784-6214.