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BOE to vote on security systems
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If approved by the Newton County Board of Education Tuesday, 15 schools will receive electronic door security systems in an effort to further secure Newton County schools and keep students and faculty safe.

A recommendation to the board by Superintendent Gary Mathews suggests the systems be purchased from Infinity Network Solutions out of Macon. They would be installed at: Eastside High School, Clements, Cousins, Indian Creek and Veterans Memorial middle schools, East Newton, Fairview, Heard Mixon, Livingston and Mansfield elementary schools and the Newton County Theme School at Ficquett.

The seven schools not on the list for the program are newer schools where the system was previously installed, and the replacement for Newton High School will also have the system installed as its being constructed.

The cost is estimated at $142,175 and will include electronic locks on three doors at each school, software to operate the system and 75 fobs (keys) for each school.

The cost is not budgeted but can come out of the system’s pre-planned budget for summer projects, like paining and locker replacements.

The board also discussed adding carbon monoxide sensors for all schools, something that will likely be required in the coming year by the state. The monitoring system is consistent with a carbon monoxide detector advisory that was issued by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs in late December of 2012.

The estimated cost for this purchase is $97,500.