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BOE maintains cap on class sizes
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The State Board of Education in Georgia has waived all class size rules for the upcoming school year, but the Newton County Board of Education has voted to keep class sizes as low as possible and has granted the superintendent the authorization to move staff around during the first month of school in order to place teachers where the students are.

The NCSS will have no more than 22 students in kindergarten classes, no more than 23 in grades one through three, 30 or less in grades four through eight and 32 in high school classes.

“Accommodations for growth have been made to a limited extent. However, the growth in the county school age populations may not always occur within those limits,” reads a recommendation from NCSS Superintendent Dr. Gary Mathews.

“If class sizes exceed the maximums outlined, teachers may need to be added. If more teachers are employed than needed at one school, then classes are collapsed and teachers are transferred. Further, paraprofessionals may need to be added or transferred as those positions are used in determining class sizes for kindergarten and special education.”

According to the recommendation, the numbers will be reviewed daily in order to add or collapse classes early in the school year.