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Board of Education shares in-depth overview of tentative FY25 budget

NEWTON COUNTY – In the final board recognition ceremony before summer break, the Newton County Board of Education shared an in-depth overview of the tentative fiscal year (FY)25 budget.

Chief financial officer Erica Robinson focused on details of the general fund in her presentation of the FY25 budget. Between state and local funding, the board projects an $18,514,929 increase.

From this increase, $9,918,388 can be attributed to the state budget. The presentation shown at Tuesday’s meeting shared the main sources impacting the growth.

  • $4 million, factors including full-time equivalent growth, training and experience
  • earnings and the Teachers’ Retirement System employer contribution.
  • $3.4 million, funding for a $2,500 certified salary scale increase.
  • $2.8 million, funding for certified positions with the State Health Benefit Plan.
  • $2 million, funding for transportation

The local budget is projected to see an increase of $8,596,541 within the FY25 budget. This increase is in large part due to an estimated 10 percent growth in local property digest and an increase in interest earnings.

The overall general fund budget is expected to be $248,025,095 compared to $229,716,133 in FY24.

The expenditures of the FY25 budget were made a focal point, and they gave an in-depth look at funding in all areas heading into the next fiscal year. Salaries and benefits are expected to cost $216,113,894, which comes out to over 87 percent of the entire general fund budget. Other notable categories included:

  • $10,997,176, textbooks and supplies
  • $7,732,467, utilities and fuel
  • $4,960,000, repairs and maintenance
  • $1,632,267, computers and equipment

The board is set to vote on the final FY25 budget on June 18, with the 2024-2025 fiscal year beginning on July 1. The following step in this process is tentatively scheduled for July 23 when the board will vote on final millage rate.

Additionally, superintendent Dr. Duke Bradley III recognized five standout teachers at Tuesday’s meeting.These teachers were selected to participate in a venture between the Newton County School District and Georgia State University’s College of Education and Human Development.

This initiative will provide teachers the opportunity to pursue master’s level education at no cost to them. It includes teachers at all different levels of education, from elementary school to high School.

“We not only address the teacher shortage but also elevate the quality of education for our students,” Bradley said.

Bradley also noted two new special hires were approved by the Newton County Board of Education on Tuesday. Dr. Takila Curry and Dr. Penny Mosley were named executive directors of school leadership.

“We are really excited to have you and we expect nothing less than extraordinary leadership and immediate impact,” Bradley said.

Both Curry and Mosley currently work in the Newton County School System.

Curry has been the principal at Veterans Memorial Middle School since 2002. Mosley has worked as the director of elementary education for the Newton County School System since 2019.