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36% of high schoolers pass EOCT retake
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Nearly 1,000 high school students retook their end-of-course tests in June. Of those, 357 - or 36 percent - passed.

Students who took the test were required to participate in remediation prior to testing day.

The largest retest pass rate came from American literature, where 53 percent of the 55 students tested passed. Ninth-grade literature also saw one of the higher pass rates, with 44 percent of the 80 students tested passed.

Students retaking the math II test scored the worst, with 28 percent of the 293 students passing; followed by U.S. history, where 34 percent of the 107 students taking the test passed.

In biology, 36 percent of the 133 students passed their retests, 37 percent passed of the 68 who took the physical science retest and 42 percent of the 245 who took the math I retest. In total, 981 students were tested and 357 of them passed.