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Three arrested on drug charges at local motel
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Covington Police Department (CPD) arrested three people and seized drugs, including methamphetamine and cocaine, after suspicious activity Feb. 2 prompted an officer to take a second look.

According to his report, CPD Officer George Smith was turning onto Interstate 20 from Alcovy Road at around 12:30 p.m. when he noticed a female who appeared to be trying to force her way into a second floor room at the America’s Best Inn.

After detouring and pulling into the motel, Smith reportedly found the woman crying outside of room 222. He also heard a male’s voice coming from the inside of the room. According to his report, Smith asked the woman if she was ok and she responded that she was. He then knocked on the door to the room and announced his presence.  The door was answered by a male identified as Johnny Fontenot. Another male, identified as Joshua Collins was also in the room. Smith reported smelling the odor of marijuana coming from the room and asked both males to step out.

According to the report, CPD Captain Ken Malcom arrived to back up Officer Smith as he was trying to get the name and date of birth of the female. She reportedly told Smith that her name was Sarah Thompson. From previous incidents, Capt. Malcom knew her as Sheree Thompson, which she admitted was her name. She also reportedly said that there was a warrant for her.

When Officer Smith asked Fontenot if there was anything illegal in the room, he reportedly said that there was “maybe a quarter of herb, just enough for personal use.” Smith asked for consent to search the room and Fontenot refused. According to the report, officers had reason to believe that there were more drugs in the room and obtained a search warrant.  

After obtaining the warrant, police searched the room. During the search, they reportedly found a peanut butter jar containing two baggies of a white, powder substance, multiple baggies of suspected marijuana and two types of narcotic pain pills in the refrigerator.  Elsewhere in the room, officers reportedly found another clear baggie with a white, powder substance, four hidden cell phones, another small baggie with suspected marijuana, a clear baggie containing suspected methamphetamine, an unmarked white pill and drug paraphernalia.

According to the report, Fontenot, Collins and Thompson were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, schedule II pills, schedule IV pills and ecstasy. Thompson was also charged with giving false information. All three were transported to the Newton County Law Enforcement Center.